Getting Back to Work with our Covid-19 Solutions

Synergy Gateway has a team of medical experts, clinical nurses, documentation and technology experts working around the clock to bring forward innovative Covid-19 employer solutions.  Our years of expertise in collecting, reporting and tracking personal health and certification data through our proprietary platform, “Verified” is leading the way forward.  To assist employers, we have a wide range of solutions available now and through our evolving ecosystem.

We are committed to assisting organizations get back to work responsibly.

Solutions and Expertise

Synergy Gateway’s expert team anticipates that employers, schools, governments across the globe will be facing a ‘new normal’ as we transition workforce’s back to work.  A gradual approach with decreasing restrictions on physical distancing and surveillance.  We see 4 phases:  June to October 2020 —>  Spring/Summer 2021 —>  Fall 2021 —> Winter 2021

Our team of medical, clinical and scientific experts are leading the fight against COVID-19 and helping employers get back to work safely and responsibily.  Through our nation-wide network of healthcare professionals and PPE partnerships, we can get your organization started in less than 5 days.

We are experts in data collection, validation, management and reporting.  Our Verified platform is uniquely configured to provide a complete employee immunization, certification and requirements solution.  Whether you opt for a fully managed or self-managed version, Verified can safely and responsibly get your employees back to work.

We recognize that not all employers and organizations have the same needs.  To that effect, we offer a variety of solutions that focus on allowing your employees to Stay at Work or Return to Work.

Our Solutions:

  • Onsite Temperature Check (Sentinel Testing)
  • Verified Virtual Assurance Platform
    • Standard Package
    • Enhanced Package
  • On-site COVID-19 Screening (when available)
Why employers select Synergy Gateway

Our experience in managing personal health data and providing meaningful reporting and insights is unparalleled in the industry.  We collect, review, validate and report on millions records a year for employers, universities and colleges across Canada.  Our Verified platform provides 24/7/7 access to documentation, validation criteria, insights, dashboards and our newest Covid-19 Reporting tool allowing for real time updates in a secure and confidential experience.  In addition, we have additional our healthcare professional concierge service and have in-house experts in microbiology and scientific research.

Data integrity is achieved through Verifieds’ inherent technology and industry leading data entry and audit processes.  Quality assurance is provided by the qualified clinical team that have been trained extensively on immunization and other organizational requirements.  The team is constantly updated through our research and development teams on the fast changing world of immunization and employment requirements.

The Verified platform is accessible 24/7/7 through multiple platforms (Android, Iphone, Ipad or Computer).

The Verified platform provides real-time data reporting available through built in insights and dashboards.  All data entered is validated against digitally archived documentation for maximum accountability and transparency.

Through the expert guidance of our scientific research and development team, our clinical team healthcare professionals is constantly provided the most current and relevant information. Each member undergoes extensive training and onboarding on immunizations and related requirements.

Surveys conducted by Synergy Gateway with administrators using Verified have unanimously indicated that Verified has reduced administrative burden.  With evolving changes faced by employers, governments and organizations alike, our solutions are paving the way forward to allow organizations to regain control of their business and its key human capital.