Introducing Virtual Doc

VIRTUAL DOC is a revolutionary NEW way for students to connect with licensed Canadian Doctors and Nurses through video conferencing to assist them in completing their schools clinical placement requirements. Virtual Doc is safe and secure operating under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Ontario.  Virtual Doc is 100% FREE with your valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (O.H.I.P) card and is currently available to students who have a Verified by Synergy Gateway account.

Student Satisfaction 100%
Time Saved 100%
Privacy and Confidentiality 100%
Student Success 100%

Here is what Virtual Doc can do for Students

  • Order Lab Testing
  • Conduct Follow Ups
  • Review Lab Testing Results
  • Complete Forms
  • Answer Questions
  • Prescriptions
  • and more…
  • Avoid Doctors Office Waiting Rooms
  • No delays, Virtual Doc video conference appointments run on time all the time
  • Team of Doctors and Nurses that understand your requirements
  • Avoid delays and get cleared for clinical placement!
  • Complete your school clinical placement forms
  • Complete other school medical forms
  • Answer questions on your schools requirements
  • Review your school forms and sign off
  • Access to Doctors to answer questions
  • Doctors can help you understand your schools requirements
  • Available to all students – local, out-of-province or international
  • Free with valid O.H.I.P number
  • International students will be issued a receipt for their insurance

What people are saying about Virtual Doc

Why Students Love Virtual Doc

  • Doctors who know school requirements
  • No more doctor office waiting rooms
  • No more lineups 
  • Available through a phone, tablet or computer
  • Free with OHIP
  • Assistance with lab tests, forms etc.

Why Schools Love Virtual Doc

  • Student clinical compliance increases
  • Access to healthcare professionals
  • Available to local and International Students
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Free with OHIP
  • Positive student experiences

Time saved by using Virtual Doc

Students have saved over 300,000 minutes with Virtual Doc!  That’s approximately 3-4 hours per student!

How can I access Virtual Doc

Virtual Doc is accessible through your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere you have an internet connection!

How does Virtual Doc help me complete my requirements?

Virtual Doc assists students in completing their schools clinical placement requirements by reviewing and completing forms, ordering lab tests and answering questions etc..

Is Virtual Doc safe to use?

Virtual Doc operates under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Ontario and is an approved service provider.  We have the same measures in place as you would expect from a doctor’s office visit.

Can international students use Virtual Doc?

Virtual Doc is available to local and international students alike.  For international students we will require a payment for your visit when you book and will issue you a receipt for your records.

Is Virtual Doc Free?

Virtual Doc is 100% FREE if you have a valid O.H.I.P number.  No O.H.I.P – No problem, we will issue a receipt which you can claim back to your insurance provider!

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