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You have unique needs.
We have configurable solutions.

We are an integrated healthcare and tech technology solutions company, best known to get businesses through to the finish line. From providing onsite healthcare professions to configuring technology applications, we are deeply connected to our clients’ unique needs.  Our interconnected Synergy Gateway solutions assist in managing your workplace healthcare staffing and compliance needs

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Synergy Gateway Suite of Services

Smarter Systems that Just Flow.

N95 Mask Fit Testing

Leading provider for N95 Mask Fit testing.
Book an appointment for your organization today.

Compliance Command Center

We can expertly manage and supply healthcare professionals for your organization.
Going one step further, we expertly manage their onboarding and compliance requirements.


Exposure Risk Assessment

Assess your business for COVID-19 exposure
by our algorithm built by medical experts.


Medical Team on Tap

Leverage our national network of Health Support Workers (Nurses, Physicians) through a digital community for consistent coverage.
Need medical director guidance?  Look no further, we can assist!


Synergy Gateway Suite of Services is available through interconnected technologies, depending on your business operations and scope of defense against COVID-19.
Our Account Executive will help you decide the best setup for your needs.

Power beyond belief.

Canadian Experts at their best

Synergy Gateway Suite of Services is a modular catalog of healthcare staffing, software applications, workflows & processes.

Save time and money by taking informed and accurate steps through Synergy Gateway’s trained healthcare personnel,
privacy-protected policies, and regulatory compliant tools.

Configured Solutions
Years of Partnerships
Solutions Tailor-Made
Million Lives Improved

Integrated with your business.


Avoid fines, disruptive shutdown
and legal liability.

Evidence based

Make accurate decisions and stay current on the occupational health compliance requirements of your employees.

Configurable Systems

We are flexible by design and can accommodate your organizations unique needs and requirements.

Real-time Reporting

Experts assist in building short and long-term healthcare solutions based on your unique needs.


Maintain the privacy of worker health data restricted to authenticated users, and secure usage, hosted on our SOC 2/ISO 27001 compliant platform

"Hey, we're
  • University of Toronto,
  • Durham College,
  • HRC,
  • Brock University,
  • York University,
  • GHS,
  • Dynacare,
  • Georgian College,
and Synergy Gateway helped our business significantly."

Synergy Gateway Inc.

Proudly Canadian

Synergy Gateway Inc. is a future ready company, where we believe in empowering clients by harnessing sophisticated technology to create signature platforms for their unique needs. We assist even further through our network of 1000+ healthcare professionals, ready to be deployed to ensure your goals are achieved.  Our information systems are positioned at the intersection of industry compliance and knowledge management.

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To learn more about Synergy Gateway and how it can help your business, please reach out to our team. We’d love to discuss it with you!

Synergy Gateway Inc. Suite of Services can be availed through interconnected technologies originally designed & constructed by Synergy Gateway’s experienced in-house team.



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