About Us

Our Vision

To be the technology leader in promoting and verifying global compliance requirements

Our Mission

To promote compliance via a secure platform that ensures data integrity and accuracy. All while reducing the time required to verify requirements and providing a superior user experience.

Our Solutions

Synergy Gateway has been creating and implementing compliance solutions since 2003.  Our team consists of doctors, nurses, healthcare experts, technology leaders, developers and trainers meticulously working in tandem to produce industry leading solutions.  Our signature platform Verified has created shifts in the way that traditional compliance data is managed and delivered by universities and colleges across Canada. We launched myvirtualdoctor – a revolutionary way for students to connect live with our allied healthcare professional team to assist them with their healthcare needs, vastly improving access to healthcare for students.

Our goal remains steadfast in providing technology based compliance solutions that solve pain points, and continue to shape the future of compliance requirements across the world.

Our People

Our people are our key to success. We hire nurses, auditors, developers, policy experts and health care professionals to guide and deliver our programs. Our team consists of over 100 years of combined industry experience. Together we are paving the road to compliance for our customers.

Kapil Gupta, CEO

Dr. Praveen Bansal, Medical Director

Shaila Gupta, VP Operations

Susan Dineno, CMO

Gary Fung, CTO

Andre Johnson, Sn. Developer