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Stay open safely without missing a beat.

With VeriChecked, our web and app based platform that screens personnel and tracks health data, aids you to protect your valuable workforce and business.


Manage Health of Staff
with Self Assessment Surveys 

Check Point

Enables you to see if symptomatic
staff should
come in or not 


Built by expert medical scientists
ensuring accuracy and safety


Hosted on secure
Canadian servers

No Fake News.

Leveraging evidence-based guidance to assess your business’ health and help you make informed decisions.

  • Plug & Play

    Configurable Screening System according to staffing level, role and scale of operations.

  • Clinical Protocol

    Evidence based protocol to detect and mitigate risk from exposed personnel, and stay compliant with regulations.

No Mistakes.

Keep an eye on Health Trend
across Operations, with just a click.

  • Trend Analysis

    Exposure status trend analysis.

  • Custom Views

    Isolate Views by Location, Role & Shift or View All.

No Slips.

Daily Self Assessment Surveys let you monitor your workforce by location, shift, symptoms and exposure.

  • Accessibility

    Screening across Android, iOS & Windows apps and web.

  • Speedy & Easy

    Workers easily update COVID-19 Self Assessment with a dynamic and intuitive form.

Protect your valuable workforce & business.


Let's begin.

VeriChecked has a proven track record of preemptively detecting
risk by using clinical protocols & Public Health exposure data to help
North American businesses  protect their business and workforce.

Let’s show it you, live in action, book a demo. 

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