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Organizational Health Compliance
made simple.

Our flagship service, Verified is a tried and tested virtual compliance and immunization management solution. We gather, review, validate and report on critical health, safety and vaccination history.

and Report

Collect, Track and Report on Immunization, Certificates and Training Requirements


100% Digital
Document Storage

Privacy Risks

Reduces Privacy Risks
and Exposure


Increased Accountability
and Reporting

Admin Burden

Significantly Reduced
Administrative Burden


Health Data Audited by
qualified doctors and nurses

Put your feet up.

Reduce your Administrative Burden. Get Immunization Validation, Reports and Live Statuses on your Dashboard.

  • Comprehensive Management of Employee Health Data

    Our flagship technology virtually manages immunization data for your workforce to remain compliant with industry requirements.

  • Configurable to Any Industry

    Serving regulation needs for primary healthcare, law enforcement, social work, construction, manufacturing, leisure and entertainment sectors, for operations of any size, at any location.

Delegate Stress to Technology.

Never worry about missing employee immunizations with our signature expertise in medical management.

  • Tracking and Surveillance

    Get updates and flags for upcoming expiring Immunizations.

  • Increased Employee Accountability

    View upcoming slots and appointments with field coordinators.

How’s the View?

Configurable Overview. Admins get a Line of Sight on a Need-to-know Basis.

  • No Holds Barred

    Scalable to multi-functional businesses with numerous operations over several cities.

  • Digital Document Trail

    Packaged Compliance Documents, and Status Reports for each employee.

Your Compliance burden, gone.

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Let's begin.

Verified has gained wide-spread adoption in Canadian institutions
as the go-to resource to manage complex requirements,
making this our signature technology to implement.

Let’s show it you, live in action.

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