The industry choice for N95 Respirator Mask Fit Testing.

N95 Respirator Mask Fit Testing

Synergy is the industry choice for N95 Respirator Mask Fit Testing and Respiratory Protection Programs for leading Employers, Universities, Colleges, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, and Industrial industries and Individuals across Ontario.

Our training program creates solutions
that provide compliance and peace of mind

Our N95 Mask Fit Testing program offers Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing (QLFT) that is based on OHSA requirements and meets current CSA standards on the proper selection, care, and use of respirators.  Our experience says it all, as we have proudly Mask Fit Tested over 100,000 participants all over Ontario!

We specialize in providing a variety of convenience-based Mask Fit Testing solutions for all organizations.  Our services provide a complete one-stop solution including all materials, training, and certifications.

On-Site/Group Respirator Mask Fit Testing Workshop Benefits:

  • COVID-19 Precautions and Sanitization protocols
  • Save between 25-50% in costs
  • Compliance reporting and participant records
  • Online tools for scheduling
  • Our program provides CSA standards for education, training, and fit testing
  • Groups from 20 – 400 per day can be fit tested through experienced fit testers
  • Available any day, any time!

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N95 Respirator Mask Fit Testing