Student Clinical & Field Placement Document Management Experts

Synergy Gateway has a team of clinical nurses, physicians, documentation and technology experts.  We work seamlessly towards assisting universities and colleges in the area of student clinical & field placement documentation and requirements management. 

Verified is our revolutionary student clinical & field documentation and requirements management platform.  Verified has been widely accepted by Canadian colleges and universities, bringing together advanced features that satisfy the demands of school administration and students alike.  We provide wide array of service solutions that expertly manage the entire clinical placement eligibility verification process, reducing administrative burden.

Registrarial Leaders/Staff & Clinical Leaders/Coordinators

Registrarial Leaders/Staff & Clinical Leaders/Coordinators

Synergy Gateway’s expert team of clinicians and account managers, seamlessly collect, review and report student documentation and clinical/field placement requirements .  This allows administrative teams to focus on other priorities, resting assured that the Verified platform provides the highest student experience available.

100% of administrators surveyed agreed that their administrative burden significantly decreased by partnering with Synergy Gateway.

Chairs, Decanal & Executive Levels

Chairs, Decanal & Executive Levels

Verified by Synergy Gateway manages confidential student personal information, reducing organization risks with respect to data access, privacy and storage.  Clinical experts review student requirements and provide real-time data to school administrators and students alike.

100% of executives surveyed agreed that their privacy and documentation risks significantly decreased by partnering with Synergy Gateway.

University and College Students

University and College Students

Over 90% of students surveyed agreed that using Verified is better than traditional in-house school processes and found  Verified easy to use.  Verified provides 24/7 access to students for their school clinical and field placement documentation requirements through insights and real-time dashboards.

Verified empowers students to take control of their placement eligibility

Why school's choose Verified

The Verified platform provides students with 24/7 access to their clinical & field placement requirements, eliminating the need to wait for office hours when they could be in a clinic or class.  Through insights and dashboards, students have real time updates on their eligibility for placement in a secure and confidential experience.  In addition, Verified provides students with an online helpdesk to ask questions and seek answers.

Data integrity is achieved through Verifieds’ inherent technology and industry leading data entry and audit processes.  Quality assurance is provided by the qualified clinical team that have been trained extensively on immunization requirements.  They work with provincial and international standards in providing standardized responses to student immunization requirements.

The Verified platform is available to school administrators and students 24/7 through multiple platforms (Android, Iphone, Ipad or Computer).

Statistics show that over 40% of students access Verified between 5pm and 9am, providing a level of service that is simply not achievable through local solutions.

The Verified platform provides real-time data reporting available to both school administrators and students alike through built in insights and dashboards.  All data entered is verified against digitally archived documentation for maximum accountability and transparency.

The clinical team involved with reviewing and validating student documents are experienced healthcare professionals that include nurses, physicians and allied healthcare professionals. Each member undergoes extensive training and onboarding on immunizations and related requirements.  Through collaboration with clients, the clinical team is able to update clients and students with vaccination shortages and/or public health changes.

Surveys conducted by Synergy Gateway with administrators using Verified have unanimously indicated that Verified has reduced administrative burden.  Typical in-house student document management averages 15 to 20 minutes of time per student.  With Verified that time is eliminated, allowing school administrators to focus on other tasks.

Our estimates indicate that Verified saves a typical school with 750 students approximately 250+ hours of time or more.

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