Introducing Verified by Synergy Gateway

VERIFIED™ – an industry leading compliance platform that validates student pre-clinical/field placement requirements with unparalleled reliability.  We provide an exclusive Full Service solution that expertly manages the entire clinical placement verification process and eliminates your school’s administrative burden.  Verified™ will save your school and students time and money. Used by over 20,000 students a year and growing, Verified™ ensures students get into placements.

Benefits of using Verified

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Why Students Love Verified

  • Virtual Student Permit Checking
  • Permit Manager assists in completing requirement fulfillment
  • No more lineups or waiting for an in-person appointment
  • Digital Vault document storage and archiving
  • Simplified and unified scheduling
  • Email reminders, status reminders
  • Student Help Desk and video guides
  • Available 24/7

Why Schools Love Verified

  • Compliance Manager™ provides real time interactive reporting
  • Data integrity (Permit checking + Auditing)
  • Student Help Desk
  • Configurability and attention to unique needs
  • Fully managed by Synergy Gateway team
  • Dedicated account management
  • Security and Digital Vault archive
  • No Cost to School

Verified proof is in our numbers

Minutes saved by Schools

Minutes saved by Students

Help Desk questions answered

Students Verified

Student Clinical Compliance Verification Process

  • Document Gathering through Permit Manager™

  • Requirement Verification

  • Data Auditing

  • Compliance Manager™

  • School Compliance Reporting

Verified Process

The clinical compliance process is standardized and simplified with Verified.  Our verification and validation process checks…

Confidence And Security

Verified takes security and privacy seriously.  We provide a secure and…

Go Live with Verified

Verified makes onboarding students, faculty and administrators easy.  Our skilled account managers…

School Pain Points

We have years of experience working with universities and colleges through their clinical placement nightmares.

Virtual Doctor

Synergy Gateway provides an industry first “Virtual Doctor“.  With an extensive team of doctors and nurses, Virtual Doctor allows students to access exclusive VIP health care services from the comforts of their home.  To learn more about Virtual Doctor, visit us online at: